The Board of Trustees (BOT) is the elected governing body of FUSF, consisting of four elected officers and five elected Trustees.

The Board guides the First Universalist Society in Franklin to develop our congregation’s vision and strategy. Staying in close touch with the congregation, the Board articulates the congregation’s vision through its governing policies. It holds fiduciary responsibility, sets the church’s operating policies, and maintains foundational documents such as bylaws. Members of the Board are nominated by the Nominating Committee/Leadership Development Committee and elected by the congregation for two-year terms.

The BOT meets monthly on the 2nd Tuesday, at 7pm in the Cook Room at the Meetinghouse. All meetings are open to the congregation, but Executive Sessions can be called to deal with personnel or other sensitive issues.

The 2017-18 Board

President: Donna Williams
Vice-President: Louise Johnson
Treasurer: Dave Kassay
Clerk: Susie Gonsalves
Trustees: Ari Alpert, Barbara Evans, Rebecca Kennedy, Bo Kinney, Jerry Rubin