Life at FUSF is as diverse as its congregation! Our members are talented and passionate about many different causes and interests. At FUSF, we offer a warm welcome, loving support, and a sense of belonging. Within this spiritual community, members share, contribute, and learn from each other.

There are many opportunities to utilize one’s skills and to share old or new interests with other members. Congregants can participate in a variety of ways–from leadership positions to discussion and spiritual groups to artistic endeavors.

Volunteer service is the very foundation of congregational life, connecting us to one another and engaging us in our mission. When we work and play together, we get to know each other outside of Sunday services and strengthen our bonds as a community.

Our congregation recognizes the different talents and interests of its members and the varying amounts of time each has available. Whether it’s a simple one-time Sunday morning task such as serving coffee after services, or a greater commitment such as teaching in the Religious Education Program, your gift of time will enhance your experience as an FUSF member. Moreover, it will help grow and sustain the vital relationships we develop with each other as friends and church members.

Get Involved!