Joy: A UU Christmas Carol

The religious education (RE) program at FUSF is focusing on history this year, learning together about our congregation’s Unitarian and Universalist origins. This year’s pageant is “A UU Christmas Carol” by Lauren Strauss. Our children and youth will be performing the story, and our annual favorite the UU Angels will return to warm our hearts with their light.

Hope: Hanukkah & the Miracle that is in Us

On the eve of Hanukkah, we’ll draw wisdom from Judaism, telling the age-old story of the destruction of the Temple, the miracle of the oil that lasted not one night, but eight. What did people do when their Temple was trashed? How did they respond? What message does this ancient story speak to us about hope in our time?

Faith: Navigating the White Water

“Keep the faith” we sometimes say to each other. But what does that mean and how do we keep the faith when we’re navigating through the rough waters of our lives? How do we navigate the “white water” when it comes, as individuals, as a community? What helps us keep our equanimity or at least our head above water?