First Universalist Society in Franklin

Upcoming Services

FUSF Remembering Deoarted Souls ServicenWorship Services

Our services are designed to unite our diverse UU community in spirituality. Worship services are held every Sunday at 10 a.m. from September until June. Childcare for babies and toddlers is provided; Religious Education for ages 4 and up is offered.

April 2   “Imagine!”  

Our worship will be an invitation to use our imaginations and to dream some new dreams!

Who are you now, as a spiritual community, and what might you become?  We invite you into a conversation about your “unique identity” as a congregation and who you dream of becoming.  The ministerial candidates who will be considering FUSF want to hear your answers!

Every congregation has its own DNA, its own “something special” which make them unique, different from every other Unitarian Universalist community.  What is in your DNA?  What do you most cherish about your experience now in this spiritual community? What are your hopes and dreams for the future of this place? Your answers to these questions will guide your Search Committee as it begins its work in June.

Worship leaders:  Transition Team and Rev. Jenny Rankin

April 9  “Breathe In, Breathe Out”

In Judaism,  this week is Passover, a time to retell the Exodus story of a people making their way from slavery to freedom. In Christianity, it is Holy Week, a time to retell the story of Jesus’ last days on earth.  Outside, in the natural world, it is mud season.  Meanwhile, the headlines continue to rain down on our heads and jangle our nerves.  “Center down,” say the Quakers, “breathe” say the Buddhists.  Never has it been more urgent for us to ground ourselves in the good habits and spiritual practices that help us center down and grow our souls.

Worship Leader:  Rev. Jenny Rankin

April 16  “When Easter Comes Into Our Lives”

We welcome all ages for our celebration of hope and new life in this multigenerational worship service.  We’ll have festive brass music by some of our talented young musicians, flowers to take home, a homily by Jenny, a reflection by Aoife.  Bring your friends and family, fill the sanctuary with your presence, your voices, your spirit as we celebrate the perennial return of light and hope.

Worship leaders:    Jenny Rankin and Aoife

April 23 –  “Can we talk about the G-word?”

Worship leader: Jen Johnson 


April 30  Worship leader: Critical Mass