First Universalist Society in Franklin



 Worshiping Together

We gather for worship at our Meetinghouse every Sunday at 10 am. (Child and youth religious education also occurs during this time.) Members welcome this hour to connect with one another in prayer, reflection, and music.  Under the direction of Rev. Jenny Rankin, congregation members and teams help make our worship services memorable.

The Worship Assistants Team assist with Sunday worship and planning and coordinating occasional lay-led services. They coordinate summer services in July and August as well.

Director of Religious Education FUSFDirector of Religious Education Aoife Barrington-Haber leads children in a story at the beginning of most services. Then children and youth are dismissed to their Religious Education classes. Aoife is assisted by the Religious Education Team. 

Lay Ministers lead the Candles of Joy & Sorrows during our services. They also maintain a caring network for those in our congregation needing assistance.

The Music Team coordinates the pianists (Phil Hall, Michele Kelly) and special music for worship, including The Universal Singers. The professional Sound System is under the direction of Jake Jacobson and Mark Plukas.  Altar Decorations are done by Elizabeth Randall.

The Sexton Team (Dave Bouchard, chair) makes sure that our sanctuary and Religious Education wing is ready for our arrival on Sunday mornings.

FUSF Music Service with Brother Sun

Candles of Joy and Sorrow

If you are new to FUSF, you may have questions about our time-honored tradition of lighting candles during service. (Many other UU congregations do this as well.) Even if you are not new to Unitarian Universalism or FUSF, you may still have questions. Below, we’ve addressed the most common ones.
Do all UU congregations do this? No, not all.  In some, people submit their candle thoughts to a reader who shares them.
What is appropriate? Personal milestones and events shared in a “headline manner” are appropriate. Please save the details for coffee hour. Some examples: “I light this candle in memory of my dear Aunt Matilda who passed away on Friday.” “I light this candle of joy for the birth of my grandson, Brad Pitt, 20 lbs, 4 oz.” Keeping our candle sharings brief allows all of us to enjoy the reverent nature of this ritual.
Can we laugh? Yes! We are UUs after all!
What about our political views? No, even though we may be passionate about our candidate.
Can I light a candle every week, I love the mike! If you find that you have the urge to light a candle most weeks, consider writing a sermon for a layled service. We want to maintain an environment where everyone feels they have the opportunity to share.
What if the candle time does go on too long? If candles routinely take too long, we may need to change to a reader–something many of us are loath to do!
If you have additional questions, please ask any of the lay ministers.

Stay for Coffee and Conversation After Service!

The Hospitality Team (Maddy Rivera-Bellino & Pam Bellino-Rivera, co-chairs) arrange for greeters and offertory collectors, and coordinate refreshments for coffee hour.

The Welcoming Team (Elizabeth Randall, chair) greets newcomers to our Sunday services and maintain the FUSF membership rolls.

FUSF is a welcoming congregation. We invite all, regardless of faith, race, country of origin, age, sexual orientation, gender identity, or disability.

We invite you to visit us at First Universalist Society in Franklin

Sunday services begin at 10 a.m. Children and youth religious education 10 a.m.

phone: (508) 528-5348


Our Meetinghouse is located at 262 Chestnut Street, Franklin, MA.

Our mailing address is: PO Box 316, Franklin, MA 02038