First Universalist Society in Franklin

Welcome Newcomers at Services

Welcome Newcomers at Services

FUSF Membership CoordinatorBy Laura Cerier, New Membership Coordinator

When I was first approached about becoming FUSF’s first Membership Coordinator, I said “yes” on the spot. Meeting new people, getting to know them, and making connections has evolved over the years into a spiritual practice for me. It feeds me in a way that I find deeply meaningful. I am so grateful that I have been given the opportunity to use this part of my spirituality to benefit FUSF.

We are all in this together-it takes each of us to make a community. Here are four simple yet important things you can do to help newcomers begin their journey into the FUSF community:

  1. Wear your name tag. Knowing what town you live in can help start a conversation.
  2. Make sure everyone sitting around you is connected and holding hands during our closing circle. Newcomers are probably unfamiliar with our ritual. Touch can be very powerful.
  3. Don’t be afraid or embarrassed if, during the “greet your neighbor” part of the service, the response to “Is this your first time here?” is “No, I’ve been coming for 3 months!” Just laugh and keep talking! Humor helps just about everything.
  4. Ask a newcomer to join you for coffee hour and escort them to the foyer. Sit at a table with them and chat. Entering the foyer can be overwhelming to someone new who doesn’t know anybody – they need the help of a friend, even if it is a friend they met five minutes ago!

I am reviving a column that many of you who have been around for a while will remember: “Spotlight on New Members.” This month meet the Nisbett family (see the “Spotlight on New Members” article about them further on in this newsletter). Maybe you share something in common with Heath or Shannon; maybe your kids will find a connection with their kids. There is a photo along with the article,┬áso you will be able to recognize them in service or in RE. Introduce yourself and say hello!

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