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Visiting Stewards Program

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 Visiting Stewards Program

By Doug Randall    

When you see someone practicing the Way of giving, aid him joyously, and you will obtain vast and great blessings. -The Buddha

Many years ago, when we were a much smaller congregation, the annual pledge drive was conducted through personal visits to each member’s home. You would be visited by a volunteer and get to know more about the church and where your money was going. You also were able to make a personal bond with a new member of the congregation. I am happy to announce that this year’s Stewardship Committee has decided to reinstate this practice!

This is no small task with a congregation of our size. A call has gone out to recruit the Visiting Stewards and we have had a good turnout, but still need some more. I mean who could pass up the opportunity to go to another member’s house and ask them for money! Sounds like a hoot!

Even though I joke about it, I do think that it is going to be a great experience for all involved. The Visiting Steward should be able to answer most of your toughest questions about FUSF. They will also be able to suggest teams and activities that you may be interested in as well as other members that you should get to know better.

This program is in keeping with our larger goal as a community, to tighten the bonds that make us who we are-a diverse group of like-minded individuals all on a common journey. Through many different means, we are hoping to make more connections between members new and old so that no one feels on the periphery and everyone is a contributor.

So when that knock comes to your door, please welcome the conversation as an opportunity to make a new friend, find out more about this fabulous group and fully participate in the joy of giving.


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