First Universalist Society in Franklin

Talent Service Auction 11-22

Calling all newcomers! Calling all veteran FUSFers!

On November 22nd, we will hold our annual Talent and Service Auction after service (during the Thanksgiving Potluck).

What do we mean by Talents and Services? Our definitions:

Talent: Something you know how to do well

Service: Something that you are willing to do for someone else.

What is the Talent and Service Auction? It’s a very fun event on Sunday, Nov. 22nd, where many of us donate a talent or service and others of us bid (silently) on those talents and services. (Perhaps you can give lessons of some kind? Perhaps you cook or sew or paint? Perhaps you can fix something for people? Perhaps you don’t mind performing certain tasks that others consider onerous?) Please consider what you might offer and let Katie Nunes know via email ( prior to Nov. 1. See anyone from the fundraising committee (Katie Nunes, Jim Kennedy, John Magadieu, Bo Kinney, Kathy Stankard or Bill Callahan) or for more information.

Special note: If anyone is able to donate a “big-ticket item”, such as sports tickets, or a vacation weekend or week at a vacation home, please let us know that as well. We use these as live auction items on the Day of the Talent and Service Auction. Items such as these really help to make the Talent and Service Auction a big success.


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