First Universalist Society in Franklin


October 2016


With recent receipt of some kind and generous donations we havereached our pledge campaign goal!  It takes a village, and everyone’s willingnessto make FUSF a financial priority is greatly appreciated.  As we lookforward to the next few years and calling a new minister, the importance of astrong pledge campaign response is critical. More about that in the months tocome, but for now…WAY TO GO, FUSF!!!!

Donna Williams

Stewardship Chair

September 2016

“Small chopsfell big trees.”

This is the saying my mother would share with my siblingsand me whenever we had a big job to get done. (Think a week’s worth of laundry for a family of eight!).  Everyone was expected to pitch in.  When we did so, everyone’s contribution wassmall, yet the big task got done quickly. Over the summer, FUSF has been trying to bring down a huge tree.  At the close of our pledge drive the firstweek of May, we had a whopping gap of nearly $40,000!

Calls went out; more people returned their pledges; somecaring members raised their pledges. Chop, chop, chop…by our annual meeting wehad $232,000 in pledges, and our gap was reduced to under $20,000.  Still a huge number to overcome, but a sightbetter than a month prior!  A “Fill theGap” appeal was begun in July, and members were asked to either raise theirpledge amount by 15% or make a one-time contribution towards closing thedeficit.

Over the last two months many members have respondedgenerously.  With so many pitching in, wehave chopped that deficit into a much more manageable piece.  Donations and pledge increases have broughtus closer to our goal of a balanced budget!

But we can’t stop now. We still have slightly over $6,000 left to raise.  If you haven’t yet contributed to our “Fillthe Gap” appeal, can you please consider pitching in to help now?  If you’ve already done your part, could youpossibly do just a bit more?  With just afew more strong swings of the ax we can finally bring down that big tree andeliminate our deficit completely!  Pleaseemail our treasurer with your pledge increase or donation ( today.

Thank you for pitching in and doing your part!

Donna Williams

Stewardship Chair

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