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Sr. Youth Chocolate Auction Feb. 14

Senior Youth Chocolate Auction Feb. 14

WHO hosts the event? Why, that’s us, the Senior Youth Group!

WHO bakes and donates for the event? Kind congregants with a dedication to sharing sweetness with the world (or at least fellow FUSFers). And, if you’re lucky or unlucky (undecided), from the Senior Youth Group as well. Are you a member/visitor who likes to bake/cook/craft sweet chocolate-related things in your kitchen? (Or cauldron: I’m not really sure how cooking magic happens.) Do you have some time to spare to make a/some chocolate good(s) for the Senior Youth Group to auction off with as much competent hilarity as we can muster? Then please, by all means, do! We will sing your praises! (We will not sing your praises; you’ll thank us for that.)

WHO buys and eats the chocolate? Whoever stays after service to bid and buy! Highest bidder takes it home to hog and hoard or share with deserving loved ones.

WHAT is the Chocolate Auction? It’s an auction the Senior Youth Group puts on to fund-raise for the youth group. We auction off chocolates made by congregants to other lucky congregants (these treats tend to be *good*).

WHERE does this happen? At FUSF, in the Sanctuary! We’ll allow some time to grab some delicious Souper Sunday food.

WHEN do we show up? February 14th, Valentine’s Day, after service. But we’d love to see you in service first!

WHY is this event held? To raise money for the youth group fund, which helps to cover costs for food, fellowship events, conventions, General Assembly, scholarship, travel and education. We haven’t managed to host a fundraising event in years, despite attempts, so we’re excited to bring this beloved and tasty tradition back to FUSF!

I hope that clears up the vital questions on chocolatey auctions. Have any more questions? Shoot them my way and I’ll be happy to answer them.

Hope you’re all surviving this most recent snow! My young adult housemates and I are currently quite cosy in a snow-fort. May you all keep warm and happy!

Best wishes,
Kiwi on behalf of the Senior Youth Group
(Head Unicorn of the SYG)

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