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RE Teachers Needed for 2015-16

Hi again, potential teachers!

Perhaps you are saying to yourself, “Those little kids are adorable, but I really want to have meaningful interactions with emerging adults. Where can I be a guide for young people as they explore challenging ethical and theological questions, while modeling respectful and responsible relationships?”

I’m glad you asked! Here is a highlight of some more of our youth classes that still need teachers in the Fall.*

Building Bridges: Grades 7-8

Neighboring Faiths as updated for the UUA’s Tapestry of Faith curricula:

  • Fosters acceptance of the diverse forms that religious expression takes
  • Build awareness of the diversity of followers within every faith; understand that to know someone’s religious identity is not the same as knowing what that person thinks, believes, or practices
  • Support the faith development of participants
  • Nurture open-mindedness and critical inquiry.

Leaders will work with the DRE to schedule guest speakers and visits to local places of worship. Some visits make take place outside our RE time, i.e, a Friday synagogue service.

Virtue Ethics: Grades 9-12 
A fun approach to the theory ethical decision making based on moral character, rather than rules or consequences.
* Youth may be Co-Leaders with an adult. A great opportunity for developing leadership skills.
Coming of Age: Grades 9-10
Leaders and Mentors needed! This class meets one Sunday afternoon a month and includes trips designed to foster a sense of identity and service as a reflection of faith. Mentors attend some group meetings, but primarily meet with their student one-on-one to help them write a credo or belief statement. The program concludes with a special service to present the credos and celebrate this important milestone of our youth.  
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