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Presidents-Message (3-17)

FUSF President

Lea MacNider, FUSF President

By Lea MacNider

As we enter the month of March, we end the pledge drive and we begin the work of preparing for our Minister search. On March 5, we will meet our Ministerial search Representative (MSR), Lisa Anderson. A MSR represents the UUA transitions office to the congregation and assist the congregation in understanding the recommended search process and guides the search committee toward maximum effectiveness.

Lisa will discuss best methods to select a search committee made up of diverse, strongly committed members. It will be the search committee’s responsibility to carry out the search for and recommendation of a candidate while it is up to the board to make provisions for the committee to do its work such as ensuring that adequate funds exist for the search committee expenses.

During our congregational meeting in January the board presented a budget amount for the search expenses of $10,000. The search committee needs a budget to work effectively. Let me explain what those funds will cover.

  • The search committee will begin their work with a retreat. Expenses will cover a facilitator and site for a retreat.
  • Printing and materials for the informational packet that will be made available to ministerial candidates (electronic and printed materials will be made available.)
  • Committee member’s expenses to travel to “pre-candidating” sites including mileage, meals and lodging as necessary.
  • Pre-candidates’ expenses including travel, meals and lodging (typically there are three to four pre-candidates.}
  • Candidate’s expenses including travel, meals and lodging during “candidating” week.
  • One visit for the candidate’s immediate family, either for “candidating” week or at some other time.

Other costs that are part of a transition include moving expenses and the installation of the new minister.

As we close out our pledge drive this month, please remember that these expenses are included in the pledge budget that we are striving to achieve. Thank you for your generous pledge.

Stewardship is everything – a call, a gift, a lifestyle. We, the women and men of today, are stewards of…the ongoing creation. ~ Rosemary Williams

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