First Universalist Society in Franklin

Planned Giving

FUSF Bridging Ceremony June 8, 2014

Planned Giving

Some members of our community donate stocks, money, or real estate as ways to support the spiritual community that has given so much to them. Planned giving options include:

Stock Donations 

There are significant tax advantages when you give appreciated stocks that have been held for more than one year.  Donating stock to FUSF eliminates potential capital gains taxes. Stock donations are liquidated as soon as possible, following a transfer to FUSF.

Tax-free IRA Distributions Donated to Charity

If you are at least age 70.5, you may wish to consider transferring a portion of your IRA to FUSF as a charitable contribution. The donation is considered part of your required minimum distribution if you are over 70.5.

Contribute to FUSF’s Endowment Fund

You may make an Endowment Fund gift at any time to help assure our congregation’s future. One way to do so is to include FUSF in your will or estate plan. A second option is to name FUSF as the beneficiary of all or a portion of an insurance policy. Third, property may be willed or deeded to FUSF.

Questions? Contact your accountant or attorney first for expert advice. Then, please contact us at the church by calling 508-528-5348 or emailing the office at Our  Treasurer, knowledgeable Board members, and attorney will be happy to advise and guide you in setting up your planned giving.