First Universalist Society in Franklin

On Stewardship

“We’re not WGBH.”

Serving on the Stewardship committee, I’ve heard some pretty interesting and unexpected things about giving.  One such statement, from our own Carol Rosine, goes along the lines of, “we need people to understand that we’re not WGBH.”  Now, being like WGBH would usually be seen as a compliment…great, thought provoking programming that inspires considered world change.  But when it comes to supporting our church, it’s important that we NOT view our religious home as a charitable organization like WGBH, which we might support with a single, small gift yearly.

Rather than a large support base comprised of thousands of small one-time gifts and bolstered by large corporate sponsorships, we are quite the opposite.  We have a relatively small support base (last year we had 124 pledge units) and no “sponsorships.”

Unlike many faiths, we get no financial support from a larger organization.  Instead, we must depend on one another for regular monthly contributions to sustain our own amazing, thought provoking programming, as well as the continued maintenance of our building and the salaries of our dedicated staff.   When all is said and done, it is just us, month to month, taking care of us.  Because we’re not WGBH…we are so very much more.

Donna Williams,  Stewardship Chair

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