First Universalist Society in Franklin

November Worship Services

November 2 Rev. Carol Rosine A Circle of Memory
This is the time of the year when pagans celebrate Samhain and Christians observe All Souls Day. It’s a time when some believe that the veil separating us from our loved ones who have died becomes thin. This will be a Sunday for remembering so you are invited to bring a photo of your departed loved ones\ to place on the altar and flowers to add to a bouquet.
November 9 Rev. Carol Rosine Shaping the Future
On this Veteran’s Day weekend we reflect on those who devote their lives to helping make the world a little bit better and safer. Ted McIntyre will join Carol in the pulpit as he reflects on the years he has spent raising an alarm about climate change. What is it that keeps people like Ted going when real change takes so long and may never even happen?
November 16 Rev. Carol Rosine The Strange & Foolish Walls of Separation*
Carol is an Unrepentant Liberal, usually convinced she is right and is confounded by those who label themselves Conservatives. How can it be that Liberals and Conservatives can look at the same situation and come to diametrically opposed conclusions? Are we living on the same planet? This promises to be a totally non-partisan sermon! *A. Powell Davies
November 23 Rev. Carol Rosine A Family Thanksgiving
On this Sunday our whole congregation, young and old alike, will gather to celebrate the approach of Thanksgiving. Aofie will have on her story-telling hat, we will bless our newest baby, Logan Taylor, & your minister will have words of wisdom. Our Annual Thanksgiving Potluck & Service Auction take place immediately following this service, so plan on staying for an extended morning.
The First Universalist Society in Franklin belongs to the BallouChanning District. The Ballou Channing District serves the Unitarian Universalist congregations in Rhode Island and southeastern Massachusetts.

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