Ministerial Search Update

Posted by fusfwebadmin on November 8, 2017
Category: Ministerial Search
By the time you read, this the results of the Ministerial Search on-line survey and Small Group Meetings will have been shared at a Congregational Meeting. Another sincere thank you to each and every one of you for all your time and thoughtful responses. One thing is very clear- we are passionate about FUSF! The next step in the process is the creation of a document known as the Congregational Record (CR). This document creates Read More

Transition Team

Posted by fusfwebadmin on November 8, 2017
Category: Ministerial Transition
Greetings! We continue our journey to finding our next settled Minister. The Transition Team continues to be very busy, meeting regularly. We have shifted our focus from establishing our identity to arriving at a shared vision for the future of FUSF. We have written several Vision Statement drafts based on input from the congregation. The objective was to summarize in a few sentences who and what we want to be over the next several years. Read More

Forever Home Rescue New England

Posted by Rev. Ann Williver on November 8, 2017
Category: Justice Works
My major volunteer commitment since retiring has been with Forever Home Rescue New England. This organization brings unwanted dogs (puppies and older dogs) up from the south, where there is not a strong practice of neutering and spaying, to Medfield to find their forever homes. Every Saturday a truck delivers 20-30 dogs who are received by loving volunteers at the kennel in Medfield where they will spend their 48 hour quarantine period. They are checked Read More

President’s Ponderings

Posted by Donna Williams on November 7, 2017
Category: President's Ponderings
We are autonomous. Who’s in charge? Unlike many faith traditions, neither the minister nor the larger Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) is in charge of our congregation. And the Board isn’t either! Aligning with our principles, we adhere to the democratic process. So, the members of the congregation are “in charge” with the Board as elected representatives for the community. Who pays for us to be here? In many faith traditions, all money flows directly to Read More
The RE Committee is collaborating with the Communications Development Team and our Facebook admin to find creative and effective ways of spreading the word about our what we do here. Wait, did you know that some people don’t even know what Unitarian Universalism is?? Inviting people to check out our liberal church can feel tricky, because we don’t want to scare our friends into thinking we are trying to convert or recruit them. But there Read More