Happy Holidays!

Posted by fusfwebadmin on January 2, 2018
You will be pleased to know that we submitted all the materials required by the UUA on time (such as essay questions about us as a congregation, copies of the on-line Congregational Survey, a summary of finances, a history of our significant milestones) This is known as our Congregational Record. Ministers all over the country are now examining our Congregational Record (and those of other churches in search) and making a determination as to whether

Our Transylvania connections!

Posted by fusfwebadmin on January 2, 2018
During the month of January you’ll be hearing lots about the 450th anniversary of the Edict of Torda, an act of religious freedom and tolerance issued by then king of Transylvania (once its own country – now a region of Romania), John Sigusmund. A poster of this event hangs in our sanctuary, featuring Francis David holding the edict. People were now free to follow their own religious beliefs and not convert to the religion of
I heard this quote at a Winter Solstice celebration this week, and it really speaks to me. As the Old Year is dwindling and coming to an end, and New Year with all its potential is fast approaching, I always take time to reflect on what has been and what might be. This reflection is apropos for FUSF, too. Where have we been this past year? Reverend Jenny is well into her second year with

Happy New Year!

Posted by Donna Williams on January 2, 2018
Happy New Year! This age old greeting means a bit more for us this year, as we look ahead to calling our new settled minister. After a long and successful ministry, it might be hard to imagine what congregational life will be like under a new ministry. Will our new minister embrace vision of shared leadership? Will s/he challenge us to bring our best selves out into the daily world? Will we find a kindred
I hear you. Oh, boy, do I hear you. Families with kids these days are stretched soooooo thin! As thin as the pie crust your Aunt Brenda made for Thanksgiving. And single parents? You’re more like the papery layers of dough in a buttery croissant. I think I should have had a bigger snack after work…. Our kids already have so many activities, from scouting to sports to drama to music lessons, you name it.