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May 2015 DRE Corner

Exciting Activities in RE Set for May/June

FUSF Director of Religious Education By Aoife Barrington-Haber

Holy mackerel! I feel like I just got my feet wet and already I am beginning to plan the RE curricula for 2015-16 (one of my favorite parts of this job!) I can’t believe there is little more than a month left of my first year with FUSF. What an extraordinary year it has been. But it’s not over yet. May and June hold lots of exciting opportunities for fun and fellowship, worship and wonder, learning and leadership.

I am talking to YOU in particular. Yes, you, the one who came with your kids once or twice earlier in the year and then got busy, distracted, or snowed in. The one who keeps meaning to attend with more regularity but just needs a little extra nudging. Consider yourself nudged! I am proud to say that our RE at FUSF is a vibrant community of remarkably charming and intelligent young people, led by dedicated, caring adults who are ready to make a lasting connection with your family.

Don’t be embarrassed if you’ve fallen off the radar for a bit. Spring is the perfect time to recommit yourself to your spiritual path. The birds are shining, the sun is singing… We are just bursting with energy and want you to be a part of it before RE takes a break for the summer. There might even be a few slots on the sign-up sheet for your little one to light the chalice.

Consider signing up to teach next year! This is an excellent way to deepen your own knowledge of our religious traditions and stay involved in FUSF as a family (though you need not be a current parent to teach). If you are curious or have questions (and what UU doesn’t have questions??) you can make arrangements to visit a class to see what they are like. The teachers and I can tell you all about it and what a rewarding experience it is to teach RE.

What’s Up for Remainder of Year:

(You might want to add these to your google calendar with a reminder alert.)

May 3, Classes

May 10, Classes (OWL students will meet with Aoife and Carol 11:45-12:45)

May 17, No church or RE (Ferry Beach Retreat)

May 24, Mixed-age activity for Memorial Day

May 31, Classes, Bridging Service where we honor our graduating seniors

June 7, Final Class Day, followed by RE Volunteer Appreciation Brunch

June 14, Intergenerational Worship; Flower Communion, followed by a fun picnic!




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