First Universalist Society in Franklin

May 16 President’s Message

By Lea MacNider 

Continue the legacy

FUSF President“Goodbyes are only for those who love with their eyes. Because for those who love with heart and soul there is no such thing as separation.”  Rumi

We end this year by saying goodbye to our Reverend Carol, celebrating her years of ministry to FUSF and facing new beginnings. It is so hard to say goodbye. How do we do it? One way is by resolving ourselves to maintain Carol’s legacy. We must move forward in a positive way so that we continue to grow and thrive for today and future generations.

How do we do that? How do we plot our next course?

On August 1, we will have a new Interim Minister. Together with this new Minister we will move forward with our shared vision.

What will this new minister be like?

First, our Interim Minister will not be Carol. This minister will be different. This minister may be a male or may be female. This minister will have a different preaching style and will focus on different aspects of FUSF. Perhaps shockingly, this minister may not fit the picture we have of the “ideal” minister. After nearly three decades with a most beloved minister, this interim will have a high bar to meet.

So how do we prepare for this new presence in the pulpit? The first way may be to examine our personal expectations and discard those that might get in the way of honest engagement with the Interim. We must be open to and embrace change. That way, together we can articulate a vision for our future; how we want to be together, how we want to grow and continue Carol’s wonderful legacy.

Let each of us do what we do best. Let each of us spend our time and energy on what we are most passionate about. Let’s step up, engage and be involved. This is our community. Together we are FUSF. Instead of looking back let’s look forward to an emerging vision of this wonderful community. That vision and a shared ministry will continue to inspire us as we move forward.

Peace and Love as we travel this journey together,


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