First Universalist Society in Franklin

May 10 – Special Souper Sunday for Mother’s Day


Good evening everyone:

I hope you all are enjoying summer. It’s about time that winter is over. Who needs those in between seasons like fall and spring?

Anyway, this Sunday is Souper Mom Sunday at FUSF. Please come prepared to enjoy great food and hospitality after the service. There are a few special things we’ve cooked up!

To celebrate persons who have nurtured you in your lives, there will be a table off to the side where you can present a picture of your mom, or someone who has been a significant nurturer in your life.

Gooey Dessets for FUSF Souper SundayThe food lineup promises to have something gooey, something creamy,
something berry and something squashy. You’ll need to show up to see
what is what.

If you would like to contribute a dish, please send me an email to let me know what you have in mind. It will be a most welcome addition to our event.

If any of you gardeners have some early flowers in your backyard that
you would like to share, this is a great chance to bring some in with
you as you attend the service so the tables can be festive.

And, most of all, we look forward to you all being there. It is a day of celebration unlike any other for the chance it provides to say “Thank You” to those who brought us into this world.

We hope this day at FUSF is a special one for all who attend. See you there!

Thanks, Jim Kennedy


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