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March Ministerial Musings

UU Rev. Carol RosineBy Reverend Carol Rosine

I have Good News! At their February meeting, our Board of Trustees accepted the Reverend Ann Willever’s proposal that she be our Affiliated Community Minister with a focus on Social Justice!   Many of us have been wishing for a long time that we could extend our ministry into the larger community in a more effective way and now we’ll be able to do just that, with no additional expense to our operating budget. Now that is Really Good News!

Community-based Ministers are those who working as chaplains, pastoral counselors, professors, & UUA staff as well as those engaged in social justice work. They are strongly encouraged to affiliate with a local congregation in order to provide them with a spiritual home and keep them grounded in Unitarian Universalism. For us it means that our ministry will expand, in small ways, out into the world.   In Ann’s letter to the Board she wrote:

“Since leaving (the Interim Ministry in) Brattleboro, VT, I’ve been reflecting on what might come next and have decided that I will not be seeking another interim ministry. Social justice has always been a deep interest and a strong element in my ministries and I am now hoping to be more involved in justice initiatives in the greater Boston area. A few specific issues of concern to me are immigration, violence prevention, mass incarceration and global climate change. UU Mass Action, the UU Urban Ministry and the Louis D. Brown Peace Institute are agencies that I have supported in different ways….

I considered approaching a couple of other area congregations to develop this relationship. However, in the end I realized that I felt drawn to return to the congregation that first nurtured and launched me into ministry. To give back some of what has been given to me in terms of support and to share my energy and passion.”

Those of you who have recently arrived at FUSF may not know how deep Ann’s roots are here at FUSF. She was our Director of Religious Education for seven years before responding to her call to the ministry. After Ann received her M.Div. from Meadville Lombard Theological School and had met the requirements of the UUA’s Ministerial Fellowship Committee, our congregation ordained her. A joyous occasion indeed!   Ann served the UU church in Concord before returning to FUSF for seven more years where she served as our Family Minister with a focus on Religious Education.   Since then she has been serving as an Interim Minister in Providence and Brattleboro.

Ann and Jake Jacobson (her husband) will be away for a while in March and upon their return, we will have an opportunity to affirm this new relationship.   Ann will be preaching on May 1st, so mark your calendars now.

There are so many great things happening at church right now!





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