First Universalist Society in Franklin

March 2017 Update

The Transition Team along with Reverend Jenny Rankin will be presenting Sunday Service on 4/2/17. We will continue our collective exploration into more completely and concisely articulating our current identity, as well more fully defining our vision for the future. These are both essential steps as we move forward in our preparation to call our next Minister. There will time in the Service for you to share thoughts, spoken from the hand held microphone, or in written form, as you prefer. We invite everyone to attend, and look forward to your participation.
The Transition Team has discussed visiting other UU churches in the area. Many of us have limited personal experience with other UU congregations. We feel this will provide us with insights and ideas that may be helpful as we continue preparing ourselves for our next called Minister. We would like to invite you to consider a Sunday morning visit to a nearby UU congregation. This could be done individually, or with a small group depending on interest and comfort level. If you are interested please contact Alec Danz at:
Your vision will become clear only when you look into your heart. Who looks outside, dreams. Who looks inside, awakens.”
Carl Jung
We really do want to hear from you! So, please also feel free to speak with any member of your Transition Team. We are the folks wearing the yellow name tags on Sunday morning:
Karen Allard
Jeff Cerier
Alec Danz
Suzanne Reynolds-Alpert
Marjorie Roemer
Jerry Rubin
Judy Swaim
Joan Toye

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