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March 2015 – DRE Corner


By Aoife Barrington-Haber

I must admit I feel a little bit sheepish after my last article about the transformative beauty of snow. Eesh! I mean, how was I to know we would get hit so badly? If I jinxed the entire state of Massachusetts, I apologize profusely.

But I do think we have all been transformed by this unifying experience of unprecedented snowfall. What a great little miracle to have a crowd of FUSF members show up with shovels and rakes (and implements of destruction) to clear the snow from around and on top of our Meeting House. I built a stronger bond of friendship with my neighbor Steve, who showed up after the second blizzard with his snowblower and made those piles in my driveway magically fly away. When I showed up at his house with cookies the next day he said I didn’t have to do that. But yes, I really did. I have also uncovered a hopeful belief in the power of faith and prayer as I go to bed trusting the our roof will hold up under the snow.

This was a month that tested all of us, physically and emotionally. It only makes the coming of Spring all the more joyful. Let’s all turn our thoughts to the lengthening days and the buds sleeping in the ground, and commit ourselves to coming every Sunday now that the roads are clear (knock on wood.)

Blessed Be,  Aoife









RE News

March 1st: Grades Prek-6 wrap up their Winter unit. 8-12th graders begin volunteering in the church for the Spring term.


March 8th: Spring classes begin! We kick off the term with an RE Open House.


March 15th: Music Sunday- no classes. Children in PreK and up will attend this fun multigenerational service.


March 22nd & 29th: Classes as usual.



Our new Spirit Play classroom will be needing some particular items to create the special child-centered environment that makes this curriculum so effective. If you would like to donate, please see our Amazon* wishlist:


This list will show you what we are looking for and why, but used items are perfectly welcome!


For more information on Spirit Play, go to, or visit the Open House on March 8th.


*If you do shop Amazon remember to go through the portal on to earn the church some extra $!

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