First Universalist Society in Franklin

June Fundraising Update

With gratitude in our hearts for our spiritual home, FUSF, those of us on the Fundraising Committee believe It’s never too early to start planning for the big Talent and Services Auction. Rather than waiting until next fall to wheedle and beg you for gift card donations for our online auction, we wanted you to know that there will be a Gift Card Drop Box at the FUSF Store on Sundays from now on.

Anytime you find yourself in possession of a gift card that you have no intention of using, you can ditch that pesky plastic in the drop box and know that your donation goes to a great cause. Folks from all over the country bid on those cards, so this is a great way to make money from beyond our four walls. Look for the box on Sunday!

Speaking of money…
“Ohhhhh! I forgot my checkbook. I was gonna buy a grocery card / coffee / tea / pack of greeting cards, but I can’t because I left my checkbook at home!”
Does that sound like you?
Since we’re talking turkey, I’d like to make a suggestion. Make out your check to FUSF right now… Yes, right now while you’re thinking about it and put that check in your wallet. On Sunday, you won’t feel deprived of all the goodies the FUSF Store has to offer.
Did you know that our beautiful art cards are absolutely perfect for graduations? Not only can you attach lovely cards to the gifts you are giving to your favorite graduates, you could give them whole packs of cards, encouraging them to write notes home about their experiences at school. In later years, those notes will become wonderful keepsakes.
Oh, and Dads love a nice card, too. You know that, right? Just sayin’.  Be sure to check ‘em out at the store on Sunday.
I appreciate your attention. P.S. Every sale supports FUSF.
John Magadieu

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