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June DRE Corner

FUSFBy Aoife Barrington-Haber

June 7th will be the closing day of our Religious Education year, and I hope you will be with us as we celebrate all our wonderful RE volunteers:

  • We will present a special message to our volunteers during the service; all children and youth please come at 9:30 that morning to rehearse the surprise.
  • The RE Team kicks off our Teacher Sign-Up campaign for next year
  • We will serve up a delicious Volunteer Appreciation Brunch after worship; check your email for a sign-up list to contribute food. Children in grades 4 and up are encouraged to help serve.

What’s in store for next year? Sunday morning classes will share a Justice theme, and will have social action projects interspersed throughout. We will need teachers for:


PreK-K: Spirit Play Touchable stories, songs and rituals that teach our UU “Promises” and Sources in a Montessori-based classroom.

1st-3rd: Fair, Just and Peaceful Through a variety of drama activities, silly stories and real life justice challenges, students will build skills to become peaceful problem solvers.

4th-6th: Sing to the Power* and You the Creator of Justice, two lively curricula that use music, poetry, art and drama to reflect on the larger issues of peace and justice.

7th-8th: Building Bridges* An updated version of Neighboring Faiths. Students deepen their own spiritual identity while building a deeper understanding of the diversity of the world’s religions. Includes guest speakers and visits to local houses of worship.

9th-12th: Virtual Ethics* A workshop series for high school students that explores the virtues and values behind ethical decision-making.

*From Tapestry of Faith online curricula:

Jan-Feb Intergenerational Learning: Honoring our Mother Earth, grades 1 and up. Our 7th UU Principle- respecting the sacredness of the earth and all its inhabitants- experienced through the lens of Native American cultures, belief and practices.

In addition to Sunday morning RE, we will also be needing leaders for Chalice Club, Junior and Senior Youth Groups, additional trained OWL facilitators, teachers and adult Mentors for Coming of Age (grades 9-10)… so many opportunities to get involved!

As we close our first year together, I am filled to the brim with joy and gratitude for friendships made, help offered, tears and laughter shared with a strong and loving community. May we go forth and carry that flame…

Aoife Barrington-Haber

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