First Universalist Society in Franklin

June 2017 Update

Our congregation is making great progress. We have now selected an excellent Ministerial Search Committee. They will bring us our next Minister. This is a very exciting time for FUSF, and for the larger community. The Transition Team will continue meet, and to work throughout the next church year. We look forward to continuing our work with you the congregants, and with the Board. And, we look forward to working with the Search Committee.

Our work to date has been centered on five congregational transition goals as set by the UUA:

  1. Claiming and honoring our past and engaging and acknowledging our griefs and conflicts
  2. Recognizing our unique identity and our strengths, needs, and challenges
  3. Understanding the appropriate leadership roles of minister(s), staff, and lay leaders and navigating the shifts in leadership that may accompany times of transition
  4. Making appropriate use of District, UUA, and other outside resources, long term strategic plan, and connecting with the wider UU movement
  5. Renewing our vision, strengthening its stewardship, preparing for new growth and new professional leadership, ready to embrace the future with anticipation and zest.

We worked toward these goals through the following:

  • Created a mission statement:
    The Transition Team of First Universalist Society in Franklin exists to help the congregation make progress on the UUA’s Five Interim Goals for Congregations in Transition.  Our work is to define what our unique set of needs, strengths, and vision is for selecting and moving forward with a new minister.  We operate in collaboration with our Interim Minister to guide the congregation in this work.
  • Listening circles.  Throughout the fall, we held 10 listening circles, engaging 100 congregants in conversations about FUSF‘s strengths, challenges and ministerial relationships.  We analyzed the information, presented a summary to the Board of Trustees, and to the congregation on January 29th.
  • Ongoing communication.   Through frequent announcements, newsletterarticles and emails and informal conversations, team members were visible and kept the congregation current about our transition.
  • Led worship service.  In April, our “Planting Seeds” service kicked off our effort as the congregation began to articulate our identity and vision for the future.
  • Facilitated Vision Circles.  To date, two circles have been held.  An online survey encouraged broad participation in identifying our hopes and dreams for FUSF.

We would like to thank everyone in the congregation for their participation as we continue on this very exciting journey.
“I think there is something more important than believing: Action! The world is full of dreamers. There aren’t enough who will move ahead and begin to take concrete steps to actualize their vision.”  ~ W. Clement Stone

The members of the Transition Team still seek your input. So, please also feel free to speak with any member of your Transition Team. We are the folks wearing the yellow name tags on Sunday morning.

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