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Jan 2015-Ministerial Musings

January 2015 Ministerial Musings
Rev. Carol RosineBy Reverend Carol Rosine 

I have vivid memories of the Cuban Missile Crisis when the whole nation feared that nuclear annihilation would happen within hours.  My boyfriend and I were separated by 1500 miles which made what we thought was our final goodbye over the phone dramatic indeed. It’s no wonder that we idolized JFK, the President who was courageous enough to call Nikita Khrushchev’s bluff. But that was over 50 years ago, and so the news that President Obama is normalizing relations with Cuba is well over-due.

It’s been easy to get into a mind-set of “ain’t it awful,” total discouragement, and even horror when we look at what’s been happening on Capitol Hill and in the world: the release of the torture report; the prospect of Senator Inhofe chairing the Senate Environmental Committee; kidnappings and mass killings in Pakistan and Nigeria. And so I cheer when our President takes executive action that allows Cuban families to reunite and the undocumented to no longer fear the deportation that separates parents from children. Pockets of hope.

As we leave 2014 behind and welcome another new year, it is, perhaps, this good news that we could focus on which, I caution, will be easier if we stay away from Fox news and speed-read the inside pages of the Globe. There is so much that we have access to, so much that is stimulating, thought-provoking, and comforting: Terry Gross brings interviews with interesting people; This American Life brings heart-warming and surprising stories; Ted Talks bring cutting-edge thinking; Live Arts, Circle of Friends, and Dear Prudence bring music; and our families, friends, and FUSF circle? Well, aren’t they the greatest source of good news?

As 2015 begins my wish is that all the disturbing and frustrating things that happen in the world will be balanced with a multitude of blessings, those things that come unbidden and bring peace into our lives.  And joy.  And love.  From my lips to God’s ears, my dear friends.

Happy New Year One and All!



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