First Universalist Society in Franklin

Grades 7-12 Crisis Earth Bake Sale – Feb. 22, 2015

From Connie Dunn

Hello Congregation!

I want to thank all of you who contributed to our bake sale last Sunday, plus all of you who bought these wonderful items. We brought in $217.25, which will be given to the ARC, American Refugee Committee. The ARC helps in two of the areas for which we studied: food and water.

As our earth gets more populated and polluted, clean and safe drinking water is scarce. Food supplies also become a problem. In fact, our ability to produce enough nutritious food. However, it is almost impossible to address all of the planet’s woes. This class chose to address the real human issues surrounding these commodities in the form of refugees from conflicts and disasters. So when we bring in disasters, we also touch on the Climate, as well!

The Senior Youth much-loved Chocolate Auction has been cancelled Sunday, Feb. 15, and will be rescheduled sometime in March.

On the following Sunday, Feb. 22, our Gr 7-12 Crisis Earth will hold another bake sale for which we will again call upon you all to bake. We know that this has been a heavy baking season. And we appreciate everyone who has continued to support this Faith in Action project.

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