First Universalist Society in Franklin

Grades 1-6 FUSF Rainforest Update

Visit Faith in Action FUSF Rainforest after ServiceĀ 

Faith in Action, Grades 1-6: Celebrating Rainforests. Students will add the final touches to the FUSF Rainforest, which EVERYONE is invited to visit after worship. Admission is free with the purchase of one Rainforest Certified Banana. Teachers: Donna Morin, Tom DiMartino & Jessica Brighton.

Crisis Earth Class Raises $346 for American Refugee Committee

Congratulations to the Crisis Earth class. With only two bake sales they raised $346 for the American Refugee Committee. Huge thanks to leaders Connie Dunn, Gail Chirdon and Sonya Roberts for their work with this fine group of youth and thanks to everyone who participated in the bake sales.

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