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FUSF Team for Boston Pride Parade

Subject: [fusf] Boston Pride 2016 – Happy Holidays!

Hello Everyone,

The purpose of shot gunning this message about the 2016 Boston Pride across FUSF-land is so that I do not miss anyone who may be interested in organizing FUSF’s participation in the parade. FUSF did not participate last year for the first time in many years – and more than a few were disappointed. So this is a call seeking a couple of volunteers who would be willing to take on this event. Pride week kicks off on June 3, and the parade is held on June 11th from 12 – 3 PM; FUSF traditionally is represented in the parade as are so many other churches and organizations – it’s amazing really.

There are some logistics and incidentals that you will need to know and I can provide that information. It really isn’t a difficult task, and there will be a lot of assistance available. Also, this call is going out now because this is when the discounted registration fees are available, after February it costs incrementally more as it gets closer to parade time. The link for registering is included in this email in case you would like to get an idea of what goes on. So, if you are interested, or just curious, you can contact me and I will fill you in on what needs to be done to get this show on the road.

Thanks for taking the time to read and consider;

Dave Bouchard

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