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Fair Share & Stewardship

What is a “Fair Share”?

Within the next few days, you’ll be receiving FUSF’s annual appeal letter and brochure. Members of your Stewardship Committee have worked many months to provide this information, and I hope you’ll give the materials the time they deserve.  Included in the brochure is the Fair Share Giving Guide, provided by our national organization, the Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA).  This guide serves as a social justice tool while providing a range of gift levels, because it recognizes that members and friends have varying levels of available resources.

“Yikes!  Those numbers are unrealistic!” you might think.  Well, if you use the guide appropriately, you’ll likely find that statement to be false.  The first step is to determine your monthly adjusted income.  And this is the key.  Take your monthly income, and then SUBTRACT any unusual expenses you might be incurring such as caring for a parent, childcare, medical expenses, or college tuition.  This is your personal decision…only you can determine what needs to be taken from your income.  Next, determine your level of commitment to FUSF by moving to the right on the guide.  This too is quite personal, because only you can decide the importance of our society to you.

Each of us must make our own decision about the right level of financial commitment, and the Guide is an excellent tool to assist us.  If you cannot yet make a Fair Share contribution, you are asked to make a 3-5 year plan to move towards a Fair Share pledge, by gradually increasing your pledge.  Remember, this is our religious home and our UU community…it is what we make it, by generously sharing our financial resources.

Donna Williams

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