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Dig Doug’s Diatribe – November 2014

 Doug’s Diatribe
By Doug RandallNo Sugar Coating

I am sick of asking for money. I am sensitive to the pain it causes for those of us who are struggling to get by. And that is why I am tired of it. I think about the people on the receiving end of these messages. I try to make them witty and fun, but it is not fun at all.

We have a bill in our in-box for UUA and BCD dues. It breaks down as follows:

UUA – 236 members @ $60 each = $14,160
BCD – 236 members @ $19 each = $4,484
Total:  $18,644

Cost per member:  $79

Keep in mind that it says “Cost per member” not “Cost per pledge unit”.

Our congregation has a long history of ignoring this bill, yet over 50% of the congregations nationwide pony up every year.

Did you know that it is very likely that we would not have our wonderful meetinghouse without the UUA? They were the co-signers on our mortgage. They gave us a grant (not a loan) for the first 3 months of that mortgage payment. Yet we give them the, “Yeah, but what have you done for us lately?”

I am not going to list all the things that UUA is accomplishing with this money. You can find out yourself here:

I encourage you to pay your bill, it is going to an organization that espouses all the beliefs you hold so dearly. You can’t say that about Comcast or Verizon, but you dig your check book out every month for them. Think about it.

I apologize for being so grumpy. If you cannot pay your bill, do not feel guilty, I feel your pain and don’t want to cause more. If you can, just do it.



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