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Dig Doug’s Diatribe-April-2015

An Extended Family

By Doug Randall    

As we move from shock to grief, our extended family absorbs another punch to the gut. I had told Sarah that Joan’s death is just part of the burdens and benefits of being part of a close-knit community. Had we never joined FUSF, we would be blissfully unaware of this tragedy.

But we are members of this extended family and we are deeply affected and involved with the grieving and healing process our group is going through. And I am so glad we are.

Last Sunday, as we gathered for the first time following the horrific news, Vicki Coates thanked me for volunteering to serve as president. I stammered and stumbled through some sort of response that was less than eloquent and somehow implied that I wouldn’t be doing it if it weren’t for Sarah.

This exchange forced me to ask the question, “Would I be a member of FUSF if it weren’t for Sarah?” Sadly, the answer to this would likely be, no because we probably would not have sought out a community had we been on our own.

This realization makes me so thankful that we did join this community. We are grieving for Joan because we knew her and loved her as part of our extended family. We would not be feeling this pain had we not joined and our family would be much smaller and poorer as a result. FUSF is our family’s home and we are so fortunate because of that.


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