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FUSF ServiceWhat Is Stewardship?

The FUSF Stewardship Team, chaired by Donna Williams, is committed to responsible management of the financial resources of our religious community. Stewardship makes it possible for us to experience our own generosity, creating something larger and more long-lasting than our own individual interests–the spiritual community that is FUSF.

FUSF works together to make our community–and our world–a better place. We are a vital, active congregation of people who care about each other. FUSF is our home, where we connect with one another, nourishing and renewing our spirits. We accomplish this through the generous stewardship of our members and friends. Stewardship goes beyond individuals and families volunteering their talents and time to FUSF.

Why Stewardship Is Important

By making financial pledges to FUSF, we ensure that what the “Famous Nine FUSF Members” entrusted to the Franklin Universalist Society 25 years ago will live on–thriving, and benefiting generations to come. Pledging allows us to sustain our congregation’s mission, maintain our beautiful facility and grounds, develop new programs for children and adults, and to grow and thrive as a religious and spiritual community.

Pledging fulfills our covenant with each other and with the Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA). It makes it possible for us to financially support our dedicated staff, valuable programs, and the important work we do in the community.

Why Pledge?

A few reasons might be our inspirational services, quality religious education programs for children, youth, and adults, companionship, community, and a chance to make a better world. Give because you value this community. Give because it is the right thing to do. Give because it is expected of you as a member of our community. Give because it helps you to live your passions!

Everyone’s financial situation is different and some can give more than others. Please give the amount you can. Giving feels good!

Making Your Annual Financial Pledge

Most members contribute monthly, weekly or annually. Do what works best for your budget. You may make automatic payments to FUSF through your  bank checking account, a PayPal account, or by check if you would like a receipt for your financial records. Otherwise, you may pay by cash.

We ask that all members and friends carefully consider what being a part of FUSF means to you and your family. Each of our financial situations is unique. The amount pledged is a personal decision that only you can make.

  1. Many UUs commit to “the liberal tithe,” or 5 percent of their adjusted gross income. Fortunately, many can contribute at a higher level. And, of course, we have members who cannot make that monetary commitment at this time.
  2. Consult the Fair Share Guide to Giving, a social justice tool that was developed by a UU church and is recommended by the UUA. Fair Share Giving is about a percentage of income rather than a dollar amount, which enables people with widely varying means of income to make their commitment as fully as they can.
  3. Review and consider our annual budget, and talk to our Stewardship Team about any questions you may have. Our fiscal budget is published annually and monthly updates are provided in the newsletter. We believe in transparency and openness.

As UUs, we believe in giving back and adding spiritual meaning to our lives. The Stewardship Team also oversees charitable donations to worthwhile local charities that mirror our values through the Monthly Plate Giveaway. The Stewardship Team works closely with the FUSF Treasurer and bookkeeper, and reports directly to the Board of Trustees.

Stewardship Team: Ari Alpert, Sue Bencuya, Dave Bouchard, Dan Feerick, Charlie Gravina, Doug Randall, Carl Scheinman, Donna Williams (chair.)

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Our Meetinghouse is located at 262 Chestnut Street, Franklin, MA.

Our mailing address is: PO Box 316, Franklin, MA 02038