First Universalist Society in Franklin


Teamwork - We are a Village

Teamwork Makes FUSF Run


FUSF Teams and Team leaders make FUSF a vibrant, caring community. Team members volunteer their time, talents, and ideas, and keep our community connected and growing.

Sunday Mornings:

Lay Ministers (Maddy Bellino Rivera, Richard Fields, Sandy Fellows, Helen Kinney, Claire Mallette, Pat Morse, and Julie Sutherland) maintain a caring network for those in our congregation who need help. They coordinate assistance for our members, and stay connected to congregants through notes, email, phone calls, and visits. They lead the Candles of Joy & Concerns during our services. They meet the third Tuesday of every month.

Worship Committee Team (Russ Goyette and Kiwi Stalley, chairs) assist the minister with readings during worship services and coordinate Sunday services during July and August. Other members include Judy Butler, Jen Johnson, Dave Kassay, Sue Savoy, and Judy Swaim.

Religious Education Team (Ursula Roxin-Dixon, chair) helps the DRE direct and plan classes,  curricula, and events for the RE  program.  They also inform, involve, and train parents and other volunteers.

Sexton Team (Dave Bouchard, chair) makes sure that our sanctuary and religious education wing are ready for Sunday services.

Welcoming Team (Elizabeth Randall, chair) greets newcomers to our Sunday services and maintain the FUSF membership rolls.

Hospitality Team (Maddy Rivero-Bellino, chair) is responsible for coffee hour and Souper Sundays after church.

Altar Decorations are arranged by Elizabeth Randall.

Our Sound System is overseen by Jake Jacobson & Mark Plukas.

Music Team–Our Sunday morning music is coordinated by Sue Bencuya and Caitlin MacDonald.


The Monthly newsletter, edited by Ellen Kava and Jen Johnson, is published electronically once a month. To receive the newsletter or get on our email list, contact Sue Gravina at

The previous FUSF website was built by and maintained for many years by Jake Jacobson. Jon Kava became web master after Jake. The New FUSF website, launched in December 2014, was a group effort. Congregants who assisted include Jon Kava, Julie Dennehy, Alex Stalley, Kiwi Stalley, Suzanne Reynolds-Alpert, Joan Stableford, and Jake Jacobson. Email the webmaster if you have a question.

Other Teams and Committees:

Asset Team (Barbara Evans) is responsible for the grounds and the building. The team reports directly to the Board. They decide and prioritize what needs to be done to maintain the physical FUSF Meetinghouse and grounds.

Aesthetics Team (Sue Sheridan, chair) oversees any improvements or changes to our meetinghouse and grounds. The team also finds and screens artists for the Art Wall.  Other team members are Barbara Evans, Julie Sutherland, Mark Stankard, Alec Danz, and Diane Scheinman.

Leap of Faith Team (Elizabeth Randall, chair) mentored a Unitarian Universalist congregation in Rockland, Maine  several years ago. This year, the team’s goal is to create new programs and attract new members.

Stewardship Team (Donna Williams, Dan Feerick, chairs) oversees membership and pledges, ensuring that FUSF can continue to thrive and grow.

Fundraising Team (Katie Nunes, chair) raises funds year-round to supplement the FUSF budget. Their goal is to raise $15,000 this year.

Franklin’s Interfaith Council (Susan Nicol)

Franklin’s Food Pantry (Sue Bencuya)

UU GA Team (Sue Bencuya)

Ferry Beach Team, coordinated by Maddy Rivera-Bellino & Pam Bellino-Rivera, Ferry Beach is a spiritual retreat for the congregation in Saco, Maine on the third weekend in May.

Partner Church (Dave Kassay)