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The UUA has outlined steps for transitioning congregations. The first steps involve coming to terms with where we’ve been and beginning to articulate where we are going/who we are. In order to process our past, the Transition Team and Rev. Jenny held Listening Circles. These small group conversations (10-15 people) allowed congregants to share their unique stories, sense of the congregation’s strengths, and opportunities for growth or improvement.

Guiding Questions were provided, and every participant was given an opportunity to speak. The goal of these circles was not just for the Transition Team and Rev. Jenny to hear you, but also for you to hear from one another.

Some items to note:

  • We required a minimum of 10 people to run each circle. If the minimum was not reached that circle was cancelled.
  • During Circles notes were taken, but information was aggregated and no identifying information was recorded.
  • Circles were intended to be places where you could speak freely, and confidentiality was important.
  • Although these circles were a key way to gather information and process the transition from one minister to another, members of the transition team are available to have conversations about the transition any time. Just ask!
  • The Team’s goal is to be as communicative and transparent as possible. We will be disseminating periodic updates on our work.
  • Click on the links below for updates by date.

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