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By Lea MacNider 

As I sit in front of my computer pondering what would be the most relevant topic to write about, I am struck by how much activity is taking place within our congregation.  We are electric!  It has been an incredible honor to serve as your president during this dynamic time of change, growth and transition. It is immensely gratifying to see and experience the energy of the congregation as we shape our future.

Next month will be my last newsletter as your president and at that time I will highlight our  accomplishments and transformations this year.  This month I would like to talk about the UUA presidential election.

I attended the New England Region annual meeting last weekend where I had the opportunity to attend the UUA presidential forum and I wanted to share what I learned about the candidates and the election.

You may not know that this is a historic election!  In 1961, the year the UUA was born, the Reverend Dana Mclean Greeley, a male, was elected president.  Since 1961, eight males have been elected president.  To date, there has never been a woman president of the UUA. I personally find this shocking, especially since in 2008, 59% of UUs were women and 41% men. This is about to change since three female candidates are running for president.   2017 will be the year of the woman!  The candidates are Rev. Susan Frederick-Gray Rev Allison Miller  and Rev. Jeanne Pupke

Check out their websites for more information about them and their vision for the UUA.  Below is the link to the video of the Presidents forum from the New England region meeting  This forum was recorded after President Morales resigned over the issue of lack of diversity in leadership positions came to light.  The focus of the forum was on white privilege and racial justice.

The president will be elected at GA in June. Delegates vote for the president.  Each certified congregation gets one delegate per 50 church members.  This means that FUSF will get at least 4 delegates.  Delegates do not have to attend GA  and voting can be performed onsite at GA or by absentee ballot.  If you are interested to cast a vote for this historic election, please let a board member know.  As we learned from our presidential election in November, it is vital for us to participate in the process if we are to have a voice.

Happy Spring!

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