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DRE Corner
By Aoife Barrington-Haber

I seem to say this every year, but, can it really be May already?!

We have been rolling with the changes here at FUSF, quite nicely, in fact. Last year many of us were dealing with feelings of sadness and anxiety as we prepared for Rev. Carol’s retirement. It was hard to imagine what our church community would look like with new leadership. But we opened ourselves to the possibilities, not just to WHO we could be, but HOW we might create our community. As your DRE, I’ll admit it was sometimes jarring to hear suggestions from our interim minister, Rev. Jenny, on how to better run the RE program. But I am so glad I listened. Change can be unsettling, but it can also bring out better ways of doing things.

Flower Communion, a Unitarian ritual brought to America by Czech minister Norbert Capek, has traditionally been the centerpiece of our closing Sunday worship, usually the second Sunday in June. This year we will participate in Global Flower Communion on June 4th, as that will be the 95th anniversary of Capek’s ritual. Unitarians in Prague, and indeed around the world, will be celebrating the beauty of our natural world, and of the uniqueness of each person. How magical to have the chance to join with the multitudes of our wider our UU faith, who no doubt do things in many different ways, and hold many different beliefs about the divine, while holding close to the same values of love, peace, and justice.

Thank you to all of you for having the courage and dedication to keep this congregation thriving, and for being willing to change as we grow into our future.



May-June happenings:

May 7th    Classes

May 14th    Credo Service; Six high school youth will deliver their credos

Classes for PreK-6, grades 7-8 will attend service

May 21st    Ferry Beach weekend! Fun, sun and friendship.

May 28th    Mixed age activity for Memorial Day

June 4th    Multigenerational service with Flower Communion

Recognition of RE volunteers

(Class celebrations during Social Hour- TBA)

June 11th    Bridging ceremony for graduating seniors Sarah Randall and Mikayla True.



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