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Adult Faith Development Committee
We’ve wound down a good bit, but we still have our Thankful Thursdays. As a matter of fact, starting May 4 through May 25, we’ll be doing “Writing Our Sacred Journeys,” which is about learning to journal about our lives and how to write a spiritual autobiography. People are also encouraged to bring their handwork, if they like. While we talk, you can crochet, knit, sew, color, etc. In June, we’ll do Zen and the Art of Making Stuff. You can bring your own artistic projects and work on them in-community with others.

We have one more Healing Circle on May 28 from Noon to 1 p.m. See the Side Table in the Sanctuary for sign-up. We’ll also be providing this at our Ferry Beach Retreat…so look for the sign up there, as well!

So, what is in store for next year? We have most of the things you’ve enjoyed this years, such as the groups: Monday nights’ Sangha (Buddhist Meditation) – in fact, this group will be meeting through the summer! First Wednesday night’s Laughter Yoga. Thursday night’s line up – 1st Home Made, 2nd Elder Support, 3rd Drumming, and 4th Knitting/Crochet Group. Plus, the Poetry Group, which is not quite sure when they will meet. We’ll be having several courses. A Monday morning class for Famous UUs, What Moves Us, will run Sept. to Nov. On Wednesdays, which we’ll call Wisdom Wednesdays, each Wednesday evening from Sept. to June will have: 1st Wed. -Laughter Yoga, 2nd – Art is a Spiritual Practice, 3rd – Humanist Voices in Unitarian Universalism, 4th – Jesus and Mohammad: Parallel Tracks, Parallel Lives. These classes run through the year. Then, we’ll also have other courses, such as Rev. Ann Willever’s First Nations Course based on the book Hidden Genocide, Hidden People, which will run in Oct. and Nov.

Beyond courses, we will have three all-day retreats (9 a.m. to 3 p.m.): fall – Earth-Based Traditions; winter – Healing and Health Traditions; spring, Spiritual Practices. Throughout the year, we will also offer Ritual/Ceremonies for Earth-Based Holidays, including: Mabon (fall equinox); Samhain; Yule (winter solstice); Imbolc; Ostara (spring equinox); and Beltane. These celebrations will be held on Sundays 2-5 p.m., including a potluck, and they are multi-generational, which means all families are welcome!

We’ll also continue our Forum and Speakers Series on the 2nd Sundays of each month. This does not include all the Speakers scheduled by the Social Justice Council workgroups or additional courses provided for the same.

We will be posting this entire schedule on our Website, as well as somewhere in the building. With running courses from September to June, we will need to get sign-ups over the summer. We have a new policy of having at least eight people signed up for a course. So, if you see something that looks good, sign up and talk to your friends about signing up, as well.

Adult Faith Development Team

Connie Dunn, Chair; Caren Lee; Carol Younes; Shannon Nisbett; Susan Givatovsky


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