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What Feeds Your Spirit?

What Feeds Your Spirit? : reflections from Interim minister

FUSF Interim Minister Jenny RankinSo it is finally here, a brand new year. I love your customs around this time of year, especially the walking of the labyrinth by candlelight! Some people make “New Year’s Resolutions” but for some reason, I’ve never taken up that practice. I prefer the word “intentions.”

Whenever I hear the word “intention,” I think of my friend Vaishali who is a Hindu chaplain. We worked together a few years ago on a college campus and whenever we’d be planning a retreat or a program, she would always ask: “What is our intention for this?” It was a very simple question, but to be honest, it wasn’t always easy to answer.

So now, when I think of the word “intention,” I think of my friend Vaishali who seemed to have a simple but direct ability to focus on her own consciousness and on the spiritual dimension of life, without using fancy words or gimmicks. She sometimes used the word “God,” she sometimes did not, but she had a sense of the sacred that seemed to accompany her and remaining “in tune” with that dimension was important to her. I appreciated that. She also immersed herself in the sacred texts of her tradition like the Bhagavad Gita to get guidance on spirituality and ethics for day to day living.

So as the new year begins, and I try to hone my own “intentions,” I’ll be thinking of Vaishali and others that I have been fortunate to know in my life, either real people like her, or spiritual friends and teachers I’ve come to know through reading.

What have I learned from them about how to go deeper? About how to cultivate a spiritual life? About how to include that dimension of the sacred in the midst of all the ordinary and everyday aspects of my life?

I hope you’ll share with me who some of the writers and teachers, mystics and poets, activists and dreamers have been who have inspired and influenced you. Email me and tell me your favorites!

My door is open. Email me and we’ll find a time to meet, in the office, a coffee shop or your home.

Happy New Year! Jenny

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