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Congregational Convenant

Congregational Convenant

The Congregational Relations Committee is pleased that the Board approved the Congregational Relations Policy unanimously at its January meeting. Copies are available through Sue Gravina. The Board also reviewed a draft covenant with the goal of congregational approval. The draft covenant was developed by CRC members Jim Hill, Sue Dubinsky, Ed Geiger, Jim Kennedy, Pat Morse, and Gail Chirdon, as a model.  It was shared with  the Board for feedback and is attached HERE.  Copies will also be handed out at a February service. A covenant is a pledge and an agreement that The next step will be to offer a Covenant  Development Workshop in March to gain feedback and input from congregants. Once the CRC and the Board have been able to incorporate congregants’ input, it will be an agenda item for a vote at the annual meeting in June. According to the UUA a covenant is an important step in clarifying expectations and creating a safe environment for congregations. “Covenant” is Latin for “come together” and means a “solemn agreement” or “promise from the heart” regarding a course of action between parties.

Congregational Covenants can take many forms and reflect the needs and best wishes of a variety of groups-from church committee members to staff groups to how members of an entire congregation agree to conduct themselves with one another. Creating and agreeing to a covenant can be an extremely effective tool for setting guidelines and building trust.

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