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2-16 Presidents Message

FUSF PresidentBy Lea MacNider 

FUSF and the UUA

FUSF has not been a fair share congregation since the year 2000

At the last meeting of the Board our Treasurer, Joyce Adams gave a report on our fair share giving to the UUA.  FUSF has 230 certified members and less than half, 90 have paid their dues so far this year. The question came up, “why are we asked to pay dues to the UUA and District?  What benefits do I/we receive from those dues?

This is an important question and paying our fair share is a commitment we all make when we sign the membership book.  We are a covenantal partner with the UUA and our congregation receives significant benefits from our membership. Without the UUA and the Ballou Channing District, for example, we would be without support in our interim and settled ministerial transition.

Each UU congregation joins the UUA and invests in the growth and advancement of Unitarian Universalism with annual contributions to the Annual Program Fund (APF).  The APF is the primary source of income for the Unitarian Universalist Association’s larger ministry in the world.  A short list of how the organization supports congregations in their work includes:

  1. Train and credential ministers and guide congregations in their ministerial search
  2. Provide worship materials to congregations including music (it publishes the hymnals “Singing the Living Tradition” and “Singing the Journey”)
  3. Religious Education Curricula
  4. Plan and facilitate the annual General Assembly
  5. Organize and support social justice activities such as Standing on the Side of Love and Black Lives Matter
  6. Offer individuals and congregations  Awards, Scholarships & Grants for Unitarian Universalists to pursue their work
  7. Provides international advocacy work through their  United Nations advocacy office (UU-UNO)

This list only scratches the surface of what the resources and services are provided by our Association.

The UUA is the national and global voice for Unitarian Universalist congregations.  They stand for justice, work to support UU congregations and create change in the world.

In 2014, there were 641 Fair Share congregations (out of approximately 1,041 UU congregations).  Some of those UU’s include our neighbors, UU Hopedale, Sharon, Sherborn, Roxbury, Canton, Providence, RI. In 2014, 59 churches in Massachusetts were HONOR congregations.  We need to be on that list.

Let’s support the work of the UUA and live our principles by joining the 59 Massachusetts HONOR congregations in 2016!  The dues for both the UUA and our District are $79 per certified member.  Joyce and Barbara will be sending out reminder statements.  Please send in your dues promptly.  90 members and counting!

Peace and Love as we travel this journey together,


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