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Sept 2015 Ministerial Musings

Carol RosineMinisterial Musings…

Those of you who pre-date our presence on Chestnut Street will remember when church activities ground to a halt during the summer.   Newcomers expressing surprise when we said “See you in September” were told that closing the doors in June was part of the UU tradition, or, we said, God trusts us so much that we don’t have to go to church during the summer.  But it seems that each summer since building our meetinghouse has gotten busier.  And so it was this year as well.

The meetinghouse was buzzing with crews who spiffed up the sanctuary with fresh coats of paint, community-based groups who met in our space in spite of sweltering heat and no a.c., and, of course, wonderful worship happening on Sunday mornings.  There were consistently 30 or more who gathered for worship on Sunday mornings and lingered over snacks & stimulating conversation, something that seems more inviting somehow when we can all fit around the tables.   We welcomed visitors, some who brought children, some who have recently moved to our area, some who are experienced UUs.    And worship?  Well, each Sunday was intellectually stimulating and spiritually fulfilling.

I want to thank those who provided programming:  Kiwi Stalley, Jenn Johnson, Tom DiMartino, Judy Butler, Kim Park, Kathy Wisnieski, Claire Mallette,  Karen Grant, Jennifer Corey, Joan Tetrault, Jim Kennedy, Amilia Pellegri, and Tisha & Paris Arffa;  The coordinators: Russ Goyette, Sue Fasoli,  & Dave Kassay plus Kiwi, Jenn, & Judy who did double duty;   The pianists who played for us for the first time  (Rosemary Taylor & Ken Butler) and Michele Kelly who recorded accompaniment for those Sundays when another pianist wasn’t available;  The Hospitality team that not only fixed drinks, but provided us with fresh-baked goodies:  Rebecca & Jim Kennedy, Peg & Bob Kellogg, Louise Johnson & Rosemary Taylor;  And, of course, the Lay Ministers who were present each Sunday.

What a great team of folks needed to provide a wonderful summer of worship!

I do hope that each of you had time for a little rest and renewal this summer and will return to the meetinghouse on September 13th energized and prepared for our Home-Coming Service.

See you in church!    Carol

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