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Giving is Doing

Like many of us, I have found myself shocked, scared, and grieving since the results of the presidential elections. How could this have happened? What does this say about us as a nation? And most prevalent, what can I do to take a meaningful stance supporting justice and equity for all people? I have looked at sites that list the top actions that are most effective to achieve this goal. Each site puts quite close to the top making donations to organizations that work for human sights.

But I don’t want to just give money…I want to DO something! Isn’t it interesting that in this highly connected world it is still monetary resources which are needed to help us move towards a more just world? Perhaps some of the most important “doing” is in choosing to share our hard-earned financial resources with others. When considering organizations to support, I hope you will keep in mind our own faith tradition and congregation. Our legacy traces back centuries to liberal religious pioneers in Europe and has been a presence in America since 1793. Our own congregation has been active and supporting social justice issues since its founding in 1865.

This Unitarian Universalist faith of ours has been, and will continue to be, a voice and vehicle for the inherent worth of all people. We will stand on the side of love, and we need financial support to do so. So, I will sign petitions, write and call my congressional leaders, VOTE, and march for justice. But I will also give to my faith community, because I know that giving is also doing.

Donna Williams

Stewardship Chair

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