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10-15-President’s Message

President’s Message
By Lea MacNider 

Happy October!

The annual board retreat was held on Saturday, Sept 19.

FUSF’s dedicated board members bravely listened to my presentation of the book, “The 12 Steps for an Effective Church” and together we reviewed our strengths and identified two that we would like to expand and build on this year. The board identified our “Decision making Process” and “Mission Outreach” as qualities we would like to expand this year.

The decision making process involves making wise, thoughtful decisions with a strong sense of openness and sharing a spirit of mutual respect and integrity. The process is open and inclusive and we deal constructively with any conflict that may arise. Toward this end, board trustee, Jim Hill is heading up the formation of a “Right Relations Committee (RRC)”. The mission of the Right Relations Committee is to help facilitate healthy and effective communication by encouraging respectful and open communication, healthy debate and collaboration. The RRC will offer guidance on communication and process and when necessary, assist in the resolution of disputes. The congregation will work together to develop a right relations covenant that will guide our communications with each other.

Much discussion and focus during of the board retreat was how FUSF works in and serves the greater community. We asked the following question: When the name FUSF is spoken, what comes to the mind of the people in the community? What work are we doing to serve the people of the community? We are doing good work now. FUSF members are serving community supper at the Milford UU church, providing food to the Franklin food pantry, gifts to the Santa Foundation, grassroots environment work, and many other acts of giving. But the board asked, what can we do as a whole congregation to reach out into the community and serve? What do we want to be known for, or know as, within the wider world? What do we want to mean to the community? Over the next couple of weeks and months, we will be talking more about mission.

I want to shout out to the dedicated group serving on the board this year. I am very grateful to be a part of the team with Joyce Adams, Marc Gagnon, Jim Hill, Kate Johnson, Cheryl Magadieu, Doug Randall, Kathy Stankard, and Donna Williams.


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